10″ 300 Gpd, закрытый корпус, прямой поток

Особенности продукта:
  • 10″ Spun Filter
  • 10″ GAC Carbon Filter
  • 10″ Block Carbon Filter
  • 300 GPD Membrane
  • Filter with 2 1/2″ Rods and 1840 Post Carbon
  • Luxury Faucet
  • Быстрые фитинги
  • 300 GPD Pump
  • Электронный адаптер
  • Переключатель низкого давления
  • Переключатель высокого давления

These components work together to filter water, with the sediment filters removing larger particles and debris, the carbon filters removing chemicals and odors, and the membrane filtering out smaller particles and contaminants. The pump helps to push water through the system, and the pressure switches and pressure reducer help to regulate the flow of water and prevent damage to the system. The luxury faucet and metal TR tank are designed to be durable and attractive, making this a high-quality water filtration system.


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